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5 artistes de l'Ensemble Smoking Joséphine.© Lyodoh KANEKO BD 2.jpeg
un drapé rouge et des fleurs

Smoking Joséphine

Geneviève Laurenceau, Olivia Hughes / Fanny Robilliard, Marie Chilemme / Violaine Despeyroux, Hermine Horiot, Lorraine Campet

Smoking Joséphine – five dazzling virtuosi and an intriguing name.... These accomplished soloists don't hesitate to use their string quintet as a playground, leaving the pomp and circumstance of the concert hall behind them. These Smoking Joséphine love making music together, giving full rein to their rich and innovative imagination.

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photo des 5 artistes de Smoking Joséphine© Lyodoh KANEKO BD 6.jpeg
cover du disque Amours, Toujours !

Amours, Toujours !

A first CD dedicated to Love.
Amours, toujours !  unfolds like a voyage with surprising discoveries en route, passing through many styles and periods and covering the full range, the many faces of this emotion that rules the heart.

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