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The latest opus of the Smoking Joséphine, "Echoes" draws on the distant voices of music to create an unprecedented correspondence, smoothing out the boundaries between eras and tracing new trajectories: In this program entirely conceived for the Smoking Josephine, imagined as a teeming journey through musical time, Couperin converses with Ravel, Rameau whispers in Menut's ear, the chaconne according to Lully is transformed into an epic and unbridled fantasy, the great voices of the past resonate with those of the present...
With a touch of madness, audacity, fantasy and virtuosity, this exploration goes from intimacy to exuberance, making styles intermingle, the cursor of creativity run wild, ideas clash, and catapulting us from the past to eternity! 


A hymn to love, in turn light, romantic, dramatic, sarcastic, happy or unhappy, which sings and plays with our moods, trying to extract the beauty, ardor and poetry. This program celebrates classical music by gathering passionate, moving and powerful arias around the eternal theme of love. Nicolas Worms and Fabien Touchard are responsible for the original arrangements, written especially for Smoking Josephine.



Works by Elgar, Falla, Prokofiev, Liszt, Saint-Saëns, Kreisler, Chopin, Bernstein.


Duration: 1h10 copie.jpg


Smoking Josephine, the Argentinean singer Yanowski and the composer, pianist and partner of Astor Piazzolla, Gustavo Beytelman: at the confluence of these strong personalities, as the fruit of a beautiful meeting, was born "Tango Obsession".

This original creation offers a sensory and fantastic journey into the world of tango.


Duration: 1h20 with intermission


A show entirely written and directed by Gustavo Beytelmann

With Yanowski.

Tango Obsession-120422-15 copie.jpg
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